Monday, May 5, 2008

.ME Sunrise Period is coming up!

Official “.ME” Rollout Schedule

ME Domain Registration

.me domain info

May 6 to May 20: General Sunrise Period. During this time, anyone with a trademark is eligible to apply for a .ME domain.

May 20 to June 6: Quiet Period. The registry will be closed to registrars. Sunrise auctions will begin for names that received multiple applications. .ME domain names that receive only one application will be awarded.

June 6 to June 26: Landrush. This is the first opportunity for the public at large to apply. Anyone who doesn’t have a trademark, but is interested in a specific .ME domain, can apply during this period. This is also when Sunrise challenges begin.

June 26 to July 15: Quiet Period. During this time, the registry is closed to registrars. Names for which there was only one application during the Landrush Period are allocated. Landrush auctions will begin for names that received multiple applications.

July 17: Open Registration. Domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Why .ME May be Successful?

  • Will not be restricted, anyone in the world can claim one.
  • GoDaddy will use its marketing muscle to globally promote it.
  • Many languages contain the word “me” with various catchy meanings.
  • Huge branding potential for English speaking countries.
  • All registrars will be invited to resell the .ME extension.

ME Domain Registration

.me domain info


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