Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Treating Insomnia Naturally

Lack of proper sleep can have serious health implications, including greater susceptibility to infection, poor work performance, and even traffic accidents. This article focuses on treating insomnia without drugs.

Sleep is an important part of life, and those who do not get an adequate amount of sleep suffer from a variety of physical and emotional problems, such as excessive daytime tiredness, irritability and headaches. There are many prescription medications available to treat insomnia, but those who prefer a natural approach to a good night"s sleep have a number of treatments to choose from as well.

The Importance Of Diet In Treating Insomnia
One of the most important elements in adjusting the diet to control insomnia is eliminating caffeine. Consumption of caffeine can have a huge effect on sleep, and it has been shown to cause both insomnia and restlessness. Everyone knows that drinks like coffee, tea and soft drinks have caffeine, but did you know that chocolate, and many over the counter cold medicines, have significant amounts of caffeine as well?

In addition, excess sugar should be avoided. That is because, although sugar provides a short lived burst of energy, it can also cause uneven levels of blood sugar, which in turn can disrupt normal sleep cycles.

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