Saturday, September 29, 2007

travel check list

Your travel check list

Here's a list to help you remember essential items for a stress-free holiday.


    • Travel insurance and proof of health insurance.

    • Vaccines and updated international vaccination card.

    • Travel medicine chest: painkillers plus products for diarrhoea, insect bites, travel sickness, sunburn and infection.

    • First aid kit: plasters, bandages, tweezers and scissors.

    • Insect spray or other mosquito repellent.

    • Sunblock cream.

    • Your daily medicine.

    • Contraception.


  • Driving licence.

  • Money and travellers' cheques.

  • Passports. Check the expiry date and whether you have appropriate visas.

  • Copy of passport, driving licence, travellers' cheques and travel insurance to be carried separately from the originals.

  • Travel information and maps.
More info about holiday insurance.

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